EC Sends Statement Of Objections To Amazon – Big Data Law

The EC has sent a Statement Of Objections To Amazon as part of its investigation into Amazon's use of big data gathered from retailers

ICO Guidance On AI Published – AI And Data Protection

The ICO has recently published guidance on AI - this article discusses the key features

Damages For Breach Of Contract

An article on the law of damages for breach of contract where damages are awarded by a court to compensate for the injured party’s loss.

Best Endeavours And Other Endeavours Clauses

Best endeavours and other endeavours clauses - how are they used?

Legal Protection Of Software

This blog explores the legal protection of software under UK law focusing mainly on copyright protection.

Open Source Software – An Overview

This article is an overview of open source software and some of the legal issues arising from its use

Bribery Act 2010 – Ten Years On

This article takes a brief look at the Bribery Act 2010 and some of its effects 10 years on.

Dealing With Redundancy

Dealing with redundancy is stressful for both employers and employees. We're here to help.

Good Faith In English Contracts

This article looks at good faith and how the concept may affect your contract.

Schrems II – EDPB publishes FAQs on judgment

The EDPB has produced a set of FAQ's around the judgment in Schrems II (ending the validity of the EU-US Privacy Shield List)

Boilerplate clauses – what are they?

Boilerplate clauses are often standard, and most are not typically negotiated but they are important and must be handled with care.

EU-US Privacy Shield invalid: Schrems II

The ECJ has ruled that the EU-US Privacy Shield cannot be used as a mechanism to transfer personal data to the US.

AI – Consultation on International Standards  

IOSCO is consulting on new draft guidance to its members on the use of AI.

Resale Price Maintenance – Korg Fined

The CMA has fined Korg UK for unlawful resale price maintenance.

GDPR Report: EU Commission’s First Evaluation of the GDPR

The EU has published a report evaluating GDPR two years since the law came into effect.

Digital Marketing – Legal Issues

This article provides some background into the types of digital marketing and some of the legal issues to consider in this context.

Restraint of Trade – Quantum Advisory Ltd

The High Court has decided that the restraint of trade doctrine did not apply in a services agreement entered into in connection with a…

Limiting Liability Under a Contract

Limiting liability under a contract is a common thing for suppliers or sellers to want to do - we discuss how to do this.

Excluding Liability Under A Contract

A brief commentary on excluding liability under a contract - common practice for suppliers or sellers.

Towergate Financial – Interpretation of Contractual Limitation Period

The High Court has recently considered the correct interpretation of a contractual time limit for notifying indemnity claims under an Share…

Big Data – AI and Machine Learning

The use of computers and the internet has allowed unprecedented amounts of data to be collected and used for a variety of ends. Big data…

Initial Coin Offering – Legal Aspects

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a low-cost and time-efficient type of crowdfunding which is facilitated through the use of distributed…

Data Breach Claims – Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc

The Supreme Court has decided that a supermarket was not vicariously liable for unauthorised data breaches committed by an employee.

Climate Change – Some Legal Perspective

As climate change regulation increases businesses need to be aware of their new obligations.

Cybersecurity – Overview of Some Legal Aspects

Cybersecurity is an area rife with regulation and energetic regulators. Having strong cybersecurity measures in place is an essential part…

AI In Financial Services – Latest Developments

AI in financial services is not new. In fact, financial services was one of the first sectors to deploy Artificial Intelligence at scale.

SaaS Contracts – Things To Look Out For

SaaS contracts are increasingly relevant as SaaS is now the model that most software suppliers are looking to supply through. This article…

Contact Tracing Apps – Privacy Concerns

Contact tracing apps are being developed by governments and private enterprises to fight COVID-19. Their design and use however raise…

Smart Contracts – Legally Enforceable?

This article discusses smart contracts, what they are, how they are used and whether they are enforceable

Blockchain Usage and Legal Issues

This articles provides a short explanation of how blockchain systems work, why they are used and some of the legal issues.

Legal Status Of Cryptoassets In The UK

Cryptoassets are often depicted as inhabiting an online wild west. A place where people can thrive off uncertainty and a lack of…

European Representative – GDPR After Brexit

What is a “European Representative” and do you need to appoint one? This article covers the role of the European Representative and…

Web Scraping – Legal Issues

Web scraping (or data scraping) is more prevalent than you think. It is estimated that more than 50% of all website visits are for data…

Cloud Services Legal Issues

Cloud services are on the rise – they are highly relevant now and they are the future. In this article we provide a brief overview of some…

COVID-19 Data Protection Issues

COVID-19 data protection issues have left many businesses scrambling to keep on top of their compliance functions. Other businesses are…

The Office Lease – Risks And Opportunities

When negotiating an office lease, the tenant may be dealing with the property industry for the first time. It is then tempting to focus…

COVID-19 Force Majeure and Frustration

COVID-19 has sent shockwaves throughout the business world. For some businesses the impact has been severe and they will find it difficult…

COVID-19 Furlough Job Retention Scheme

In this blog we explain what furlough leave is and how the Job Retention Scheme introduced by the Government as a result of COVID-19 can…

COVID-19 Employment Law Issues

COVID-19 has put unprecedented pressure on businesses and their staff and has raised various employment law issues. An awareness of…

Terminating a Contract – Tread Carefully

Terminating a contract may be the way forward especially when the other party has blatantly failed to meet its obligations. But don’t fall…

Statement of Employment Particulars: New Requirements for Employers

A statement of employment particulars is a written form that an employer must give an employee when the employee first starts working for…

InsurTech – Big Data, AI and Web Scraping

While InsurTech is disrupting the traditional means by which insurance products and services are provided and accessed by consumers, it…

IR35 – New Rules

IR35 (also known as the ‘off-payroll working rules’) is legislation that tackles what HMRC regards as ‘disguised employment’. Last Autumn,…

Data Protection Impact Assessment: How To Perform One

Following our blog on whether an organisation needs to perform a data protection impact assessment (DPIA), we now explore EU guidance on…

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA): Do You Need One?

A data protection impact assessment (DPIA) is mandatory for some organisations who process personal data and need to be carried out before…

Faire du Business au Royaume-Uni – Petit guide pratique

Le Royaume-Uni a une longue histoire de commerce avec la France et, malgré le Brexit, reste un endroit attractif pour faire des affaires.

Unsigned Contract? – it may be binding anyway

An unsigned contract is often thought of as being harmless. It is a common belief that if a written contract is not signed, it cannot…

Restraint of Trade in Commercial Contracts

Restraint of trade is a complex area of law. The general principle, under English law, is that individuals and organisations should be free…

Representations and Warranties What’s the Difference?

On the face of it, representations and warranties can appear very similar. However, understanding the difference between the two can have a…

Liquidated damages – are they payable even when the contractor does not complete the works?

Liquidated damages clauses are often found in construction or software contracts. Due to the nature of these types of contracts, court…

Breach Of Contract What Are We Entitled To?

We sometimes get a call from clients with “there’s been a breach of contract what are we entitled to?”

Contract Lawyers – If You Can’t Afford One Then At Least Do This

Contract lawyers aren’t cheap. So if you can’t afford one or if you just want to get some insight into the basics of how to check a…

Commercial Lease – A Quick Guide For Tenants

Our commercial lease lawyers are experts at drafting and negotiating different types of commercial lease. Whether you’re moving into a…

Artificial Intelligence – Some Legal Issues

Data processing lies at the heart of AI with AI projects often involving the processing of large amounts of personal data.

Not The Death Of Contra Proferentem

For years, the contra proferentem rule has been used by the courts for the purposes of contractual interpretation.

You want to sign a contract before your company is incorporated? Think again!

When setting up a business you may be eager to get things started and sign a contract as soon as you can. However, due to section 51 of the…

Settlement Agreement Lawyers – Help for Employees

Remember, settlement agreements are voluntary. You do not have to enter a settlement agreement and you should be given a reasonable amount…

Selective distribution agreements – a quick guide

Selective distribution is a system in which a supplier agrees to supply only to approved distributors who meet certain minimum criteria.…

Personal Data Transfers: Transfers Outside The EEA

Personal data transfers happen all the time in every organisation and international transfers happen more than you think. A UK company uses…

Business Contract Terms (Assignment of Receivables) Regulations 2018

On 24 November 2018, after two previous attempts, the Business Contract Terms (Assignment of Receivables) Regulations 2018 came into force.

Brexit – Protecting Your Business

Brexit. The word sends shivers down the spine! On 14 November 2018 the UK and the EU published a draft agreement on the withdrawal of the…

Software as a service (SaaS)

Ten years ago “software as a service” (SaaS) was virtually unknown. Software was seen as being a product that you would download onto your…

Indemnities: What Are They?

Put simply, an indemnity is a promise to pay money on the happening of a specified event. The purpose of an indemnity in a contract is to…

Option Scheme (EMI) – Do I qualify for one?

An EMI Option Scheme is one one of the most popular ways to save tax when allocating shares among both employees and companies.

Force Majeure – Not Easy To Rely On

Force majeure clauses are often included in contracts to enable a party to avoid liability for failing to perform where that failure is due…

Data Protection – Our First Enquiry About A Privacy Breach

Privacy breach in the context of data protection is still very much a hot topic as we’re now starting to see the effects of individuals…

Dismissing An Employee – be honest!

When dismissing an employee it's almost always better to be honest about the reasons for the dismissal - especially if the employee is a…

City Jobs Brexit: Coping with Redundancy

City Jobs Brexit: Brexit remains a cause of significant uncertainty for the UK economy and, especially so, with respect to employment.

Contract for Services?

A contract for services is a contract used to appoint a genuinely self-employed individual, such as a consultant, to carry out services for…

Brexit Clauses – do you need them in your contracts?

What are Brexit clauses? In a nutshell: Brexit clauses enable the parties to a contract to renegotiate or even terminate if things go bad,…

Employee Share Schemes: ProShare Research on Attitudes to Employee Share Ownership

Employee share schemes are a means of incentivising staff to benefit from their employment with a business. ProShare has recently conducted…

Share Purchase Agreement Claim Fails Because It Didn’t Follow Contract Procedure – Teoco UK Ltd v Aircom Jersey 4 Ltd & Anor [2018] EWCA Civ 23 (18 January 2018) 

In January the Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal by Teoco UK Ltd following a decision in the High Court leaving Teoco UK Ltd (Teoco)…

GDPR Guide EM Law

I have prepared this GDPR Guide ahead of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) becoming law in the UK on 25 May 2018.

CAP Codes and BCAP Codes introduce new rules prohibiting sexual portrayal of under-18s in advertising

The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (CAP Code) is the rule book for non-broadcast advertisements,…

Legal Fees: Retainer Arrangements

Retainer arrangements are the best paying arrangements from both a client's and a lawyer's perspective.

Legal Fees: Hourly rate or fixed rate?

Question: should clients have their lawyers charge legal fees by the hour / fixed rate / capped rate / some other mechanism?

Employment Law Update: Rawlinson v Brightside Group Ltd – False Reason for Dismissal of Employee

A recent case - Rawlinson v Brightside Group Ltd [2017] UKEAT 0142_17_2111 (21 November 2017) - highlights the risks to an employer of not…